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3 years ago
This is is so weird
Powermeup 90 3 years ago
I’m a man and I really like hearing a women orgasm especially when she shivers I like the taste of her you had a very sexy voice you said a lot of different ways you got off I sure bite your orgasm are good and taste excellent and I mean that in a good way not dirty way I respect women
DramaKing 3 years ago
Wow holy shit, this video is my new favorite! I love that an actual woman is telling us men what to look for. Women know women. If she says “watch out for the signs of faking it”, pay attention to it! She knows. So thank you, whoever you are, for your comments!
3 years ago
What made you want to do this video
Anonymous 3 years ago
This is hot
Anita 2 years ago
My favorite one is Josie Jagger starting at 11:18 who moans and writhes her naked body constantly while James is performing oral sex on her which she obviously enjoys. Love the part at 12:27 which must have been a very intense clitoral sensation which causes her budding tummy and lower abdomen to tremble with sexual delight.
Get good at this Guys! 3 years ago
Make her cum really hard and work it through her orgasm, let her come down. Put arms over thighs and start that wrestling match lick away, she will love you for it. Have it ready , insert and sink a long slow push. do a min of light fucking then Jackhammer her silly. This is the way! An honor student prude sunday school teacher wont be after being manhandled the right way.
3 years ago
Reasons why my dream is to have James Dean eat me out
Katie 2 years ago
I love your voice, so fucking cute haha
abaaah 2 years ago
I like to see women having orgasms